Monday, October 13, 2008

Red Lights and Santa Clause...

I have learned a very good lesson about the brains of our little ones. Over the last few years we have been teaching Carson his colors and numbers and little things like that. Along with his colors we have taught him what red, green and yellow lights mean. This is in response to his insisting that we go faster in the car, or that we go when we are stopped at a red light. He has done very well in learning this because any time we see a traffic light, he tells us what it means. It is a good lesson for him to learn, so good in fact that he likes to tell on us. We were going to Meg's mom's work and she was following us, and Carson was riding with her. She has a convertible and he likes to ride with her when the top is down. We ran through a yellow light and I figured Kay would stop but she followed us right on. When we got to her office, Meagan started giving her a hard time and then Carson informed us that, "Nana went through that Red light." "Nana, Red means STOP!!!"

He has also learned to regurgitate exactly what we say. Sometimes it is funny, but other times it can be a little embarrassing. We are having a really hard time getting Carson to listen to us and not run away in the store, or parking lot. A few months ago he got on this kick of saying, "Santa Clause is coming to see me and he is bringing me presents." So we decided to teach him about how Santa works. We have been informing him that Santa is watching, and if he is being a bad boy then he won't get any presents. Good plan...Right?

Last week we are in the store and out of nowhere, Carson, at the top of his lungs, announces "JORGAN, YOU ARE A BAD BOY AND SANTA ISN'T BRINGING YOU PRESENTS!!!" I don't know what prompted this because we were just walking quietly through Target, so I asked him what is it that I did. He responded, "YOU HIT ME IN THE HEAD AND IT HURT, YOU ARE A BAD BOY!!!" This was one of those times I was glad he was calling me Jorgan, and not daddy. Someone may have called the cops on me. So I promptly announced, "Carson, I am tired of babysitting you, I am taking you straight home to your mom and dad."


Wendy said...

This is such a cute story. I have 3 kids, and boy have they said some things.

Alice Wills Gold said...

so funny Jordan. I am cracking up with you telling him you were going to take him to his mom and dad.

i do want to tell you one thing that I read should never tell your child that they have been a bad boy or a bad girl. Supposedly it sticks with least that is what the experts say...take it or leave it.

And, in this case since YOU were the bad boy....maybe you can tell the experts if their theory is true.