Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cable TV and Netflix...

I was reading some old posts on my cousin Jarrett's blog tonight when I came across one about things he loves. One of the things he loves, and I paraphrase, is that he had rabbit ears and got PBS and one other channel. Well this post is like a hundred years old, but I left a comment on it anyways, even though I knew the likelihood of someone reading it was like Obama's kids actually caring for this stupid dog the stupid media has been making a huge fuss over. Come on people, get over it. Back to me...So I commented about TV and decided to go ahead and blog about it.

When Meagan and I first got married we lucked out. Through some great fortune, I met a man and the first house we rented was a beach house right on Panama City Beach for $500 a month, utilities included. That is another story I will tell on another day when I can't think of anything to write about. These utilities included a lot of Cable TV, including Movie channels. I was in heaven. One day he decided to sell the place and we moved out into less than luxurious accommodations, but we could afford it. To be able to afford it we decided to forgo the expensive cable package and just go with the bunny ears. After several months of this, and a few A's in school because of the lack of distractions, I made an ill fated error. I decided to plug the TV into the cable hookup in the wall to see if the picture came in better. What do ya know, it did, and we got a few more channels too, about 20, as opposed to the previous 4 or 5. I was excited. We lived like that for a few days, then I made another ill fated error and pushed the auto tune button on the remote. The moments that followed were both blissful and devastating, to my grades of course. About a hundred channels showed up on the TV. IT WAS AWESOME. Free Cable right. My initial thought was that they were doing some kind of promotion where they hook ya with a week of tons of channels and then you have no choice but to buy the package. To my great enjoyment, the previous tenant had tapped into the next door neighbors cable, and had never undone it. It was a good day.

Now that we bought our home, and there is no chance of free cable here, we decided to get the basic package, pretty much just for the Internet, for school purposes of course. But we have discovered Netflix and that has become a new love. It ends up costing us about 18 bucks a month, but we get 3 movies at a time. They are usually really good about the turnaround for sending movies to us. It usually takes about 2 days to get a new one. And the best part is they have so many TV shows, old movies and just about anything you can think of. The second best part, I don't feel embarrassed renting some of the cartoons I like to watch. Now if I could just get LEGOs through the mail so I don't have to blame buying those on Carson.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Too much pop in my country...

I am a little disappointed tonight in our current country entertainers. I really love country music, I have grown up with it, it's hard not to in Tennessee. I really learned to love it when I was in Idaho for school right after high school. Now a days I cling to it, along with my religion, I don't have any guns, But all the other junk out there just sounds like garbage to me. Tonight, I just had a hard time watching the CMAs. First off, lets start with the fact that there just isn't enough country in country music. Sure they all dress in boots, cowboy hats and snap button, but the day they all replaced the steel guitar with an electric one, that was the day this all started downhill. Call me old fashioned, but I love a fiddle and banjo. In fact just today, while I was cleaning and doing the dishes (that was my mr mom plug) I was listening to Garth Brooks' "The Cowboy Song," and I think this is what got it all started. Now I know what you are thinking, that there is some Garth out there that sounds really pop too, but I don't care because he is the best. During that song, at about 45 seconds, you hear that big bass sound kick in along with a fiddle and real country instraments. That is music you can hold someone close while your twirling around the dance floor. Then I got a little Johnny Cash in me, and after all that, the radio just ain't country enough. I guess all in all, you could say I was leaning towards bluegrass, because I think that is the sound I want.

Oh, and is it just me or does it drive anyone else completely CRAZY when you are watching people perform and they sing to each other. I can't stand that!!! I am thinking, hey, I am the fan, I buy your music so you better sing to me and quit singing to that other person on stage. Am I the only one???

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just a Test...

I was reading Sherry Hancock's Blog and I noticed her little tool on the right hand side of her page that updates when someone writes a new post, and I wanted to be on top, so I decided to post. Did it work??? did!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A long long time ago...

I published my last post....

So, a funny thing happened yesterday, and no it wasn't the election. If you can laugh at that you are doing better than I am. I picked up a kid from church that is Carson's age to take them to play together. I am trying to get Carson more play dates. So we are in the car, and before we get on the highway, Stren (the other kid) starts asking if we are there yet. Well it was pretty annoying especially since Carson picked up on this and started asking too. After the first few times, I just said I'll tell you when we get there, but it didn't work. For 20 minutes I had to listen to them. Finally for the love of all that is good in this world, we got there. They had a pretty good time playing together and it was nice to have someone for Carson to play with. It was definately a day of bad habit swapping because after lunch we came home and they were playing outside. We are on a pretty busy road, but I have a fenced in yard, so I just close the gate and let them play. I was sitting on the porch, and happen to look up and see Carson peeing against a tree. This isn't the first time he has done this. It started about a year ago when we were camping and he discovered peeing outside. He has been hooked since, so any chance he gets, he pees. He has quit asking because he knows I am going to tell him to go inside. He is a clever one. One time, we were around back going through a shed and he said he needed to pee. Meagan said "run inside," but he insisted on staying outside. She reluctantly agreed, and he promptly ran around front to go in front of everyone. I love being a boy. Back to yesterday... I asked Stren if he needed to go inside and go potty and he said no!! Then promptly dropped his pants and went on the same tree.

On the way home was the real treat. I could tell they were fading, but both refused to nap. Stren was holding his eye and I asked if he had hurt it, the whole time thinking Carson had poked him or something. He said he was fine, they were just feeling bad. Then he told me he was just going to close them for a while and let them rest. Almost before he finished his sentence, he was out. Carson on the other hand fought it the whole time. I don't think he ever did sleep. That just makes for an early bedtime. SWEET!!!