Friday, February 27, 2009

It's soooo Quiet....

A picture is worth a thousand words which means here are five thousand, so I don't need to say any more...

Well maybe just a little more. The top two are of this very moment, well, maybe not this very moment, but when I was writing this post. The next one of Carson is yesterday. Meagan came home to them asleep. The last two of Callie are ones that Carson took. He is becoming quite the photographer. I think we will get him one of those indestructible kid cameras for his birthday so that he will quit breaking ours.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Speaking of Target...

Last night we had to run to Target so that Meagan could get a gift card for a teacher at work who is having a baby. We decided to be quick so she went her way to look at stuff and Carson, Callie and I went ours. Carson likes those buggies that have the attachment where you can put two kids in. It is really handy when shopping for groceries because he goes there, Callie in the regular part of the buggy and the food in the big part. A place for everything and everything in it's place. When I am not doing grocery shopping, I don't like those because they are twice as long and not fun to drive. But Carson was being a good boy, so we obliged. They problem with them is that Carson cannot sit still. He has to be swinging from the bar or hanging out the side, just being MY son. I am always telling him to get back in before he hits someone or falls out. It was not very busy, but I am trying to break his bad habit. We started down the card isle, and sure enough he is hanging out the side of the buggy. There were some people coming so I told him to get back inside the cart, which he did, but immediately stuck his head back out to which I did not have time to react and he hit is head hard on a pillar in the middle of the isle. H..I..L..A..R..I..O..U..S..!!! They all started cracking up and he started to cry saying I wanna go home, dad, let's go home. So funny. Well it didn't stop him for long. As soon as I got him calmed down, he started right back doing his thing. Crazy kid!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Truly a scary moment...

There have been two time in my parenthood life that I have panicked. And on one of those occasions, I cried my eyes out. I know Meagan must have been scared to death because I think I am pretty good at hiding most of my emotions but on this one fateful day, all my emotion hiding would come unraveled. It was when Carson was about 4 or 5 months old. He had just started rolling around and I would make a conscious effort to wrap blankets or pillows around him if I was going to run and get something real quick. We were playing on my bed, which was pretty high up and I ran to grab something when I hear a BAM, instantly followed by wailing, lots and lots of wailing. Panic stricken I ran back into my room and Carson is obviously not on my bed. I look on the floor, and there he is laying face down, probably not freaking out as much as I was. When I picked him up, that is when I started to panic. He had landed on a tape dispenser, and it had cut him from his hair line down his nose and onto his face. I freaked because he was bleeding. It wasn't too bad, but something about seeing my baby bleed like that was traumatizing. I called Meagan, she was at work and was keeping myself in control until she got on the line. Then I broke down and she couldn't even understand what I was saying, so she naturally rushed home. Luckily it only took a few minutes. By the time she got home, he was asleep and I was on my way to being okay.

Now the second time I panicked was just the other night at Target. Carson informs me he needs to go potty and he wants me to take him. I usually cannot get him to go because when we get into the bathroom he informs me that he just wants to wait until we get home. Then runs out. This time he had to go bad enough that he actually went. We were in the stall and he finished up and then we washed our hands and were heading out when I decided I needed to go too. I told him to wait for a minute while I went, and he said Okay. So I proceeded to go and the next thing I hear is the door closing. I zipped up quickly and ran out. By the time I got out of the bathroom, he was gone. I ran back into the bathroom just to make sure he wasn't still in there, thinking to myself, he isn't that quick, but apparently he is. I ran back outside and started to panic a little. The bathrooms are right beside the doors outside and I thought to myself he would have thought that was a blast to activate the automatic doors. I ran to the closest isle and looked down it but could not see him anywhere. I ran back to the doors to look outside while I called Meagan. I remember thinking to myself please let him have run off to look for her. She answered and I asked if he was with her. She said no and I told her what happened. She started heading to the front. I peeked outside, didn't see him and said I was heading toward the toy department. The whole time terrible things going through my head. The store wasn't busy, but it really freaked me out that I didn't know which way he had ran. Eventually I found him running toward me coming from the toys. He ran up to me and said, "I'm looking for Momma." The whole time I was on the phone with Meg, so she knew that I had found him. It was a huge relief to see that little stinker running toward me. We explained to him it was not okay to run away from mom and dad even if he was looking for us, that he needs to stay with us all the time. It was not a fun time.

Friday, February 20, 2009

MMM...MMM...MMM...Tax Returns

Meagan and I have just recently come into some money. No, it's not a part of a bailout, we work for a living and pay our bills, so we don't get any free tax money...or do we. Now I will be the first to admit that I didn't pay a ton of taxes last year, but I was able to collect a nice return this year. Heavenly Father sure knew what he was doing when he sent Callie in December. We have been trying to figure out what to do with this sum of money. We kinda want to buy a bigger car, we don't quite have that much, at least a down payment. We also want to do some fixin' up around the house. We definitely cannot do both. So while we were contemplating what to do with our super mega jackpot, we went shopping. Meagan has been on a kick lately of food storage. We actually order something every month as part of a group at church. That way we get free shipping, which is good because our last order was 4 huge boxes, about 50 lbs each. That's a lotta free shipping cost and a lot of food, not all ours though. She has been on this kick, which is good because last year when I was laid off it was a bit of a shock, and we both panicked, but were not discouraged. Our goal was to be able to get to where we can survive if something like that happens again. I can safely say, we can survive. Today while we were at Sam's, we decided to take a little of that money and go crazy, on food storage. Last year, Meagan bought a food rotater, and our goal was to fill it up, and keep replacing food, and always keep it full. So, here in a Little corner of our kitchen is our collection of food storage and our sweet (we are so proud of it) food rotater. Now I feel like a little grocery store myself.

Pretty Sweet HUH?!

The bottom half
It's got a place for Number 10 cans so that is the option we got. I sorta kinda sometimes wish we got the one where the whole thing is smaller cans. But this has been pretty nice. I don't know how many # 10's we got, about 30 or so on those two shelves. It's pretty handy. Very sweet, pretty handy.

And of course my ever faithful helper...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Dreams...

Carson is cracking me up lately. On night this week he decides he wants to watch a movie as he is going to sleep. It is a cartoon called Word World. Well this works because he is at the point of being so tired, all he needs to do is lay still for 5 seconds and he is out.

The next night, I am putting him to bed and it happens again. This time he was ready for me with a movie already in the DVD player. So I agree to it, by the way this is after we have read a book and had prayers. I go turn on the TV and the movie and it starts. I walk out of the room, but then I hear some screaming. I walk into his room to see a bloody body on the screen. I laugh, because he has put in Indiana Jones, Raiders of the lost Ark. Carson loves this movie, but I didn't think of it as a good bedtime show. But once again, it worked and he was asleep within minutes.

The next night, once again, he wants a movie. I ask him before hand what movie, thinking I am outsmarting him, and he says I want a punch and a kick and to swing, oh and a whip. It didn't take long to figure that one out. Then he says, I want the one with his dad. (The Last Crusade) I persuaded him to stick to some cartoons.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

All things MAN...

Carson wanted to play guns with me tonight. It reminded me of when he was barely talking, only making grunts and throaty noises. (Man in it's most raw form) One day he pointed his finger at Meagan and shot her making the gun noise, not so much a bang, more throaty, like I said. Meagan looks at me and asked if I taught him that, because apparently I am the teacher of all things MAN, which I don't deny. I told her I had not taught him that, but informed her that the finger gun with sound effects isn't something learned, it is instinct. Just as Peeing on the toilet seat, automatically jumping in water puddles even if they are not directly in your path and eating dirt. All... things... MAN.

So tonight, we learned a new phrase. Drop your gun...Sucker!!! I feel it is funny to laugh at and not inappropriate for a three year old to say. Although he did give me a run for my money trying to get him to sleep. He has lately decided to curl up on the couch instead of going to his bed. He won the battle tonight, but the war is far from over. I wouldn't let him play Nintendo before bed. I'll call that a draw.