Thursday, February 26, 2009

Speaking of Target...

Last night we had to run to Target so that Meagan could get a gift card for a teacher at work who is having a baby. We decided to be quick so she went her way to look at stuff and Carson, Callie and I went ours. Carson likes those buggies that have the attachment where you can put two kids in. It is really handy when shopping for groceries because he goes there, Callie in the regular part of the buggy and the food in the big part. A place for everything and everything in it's place. When I am not doing grocery shopping, I don't like those because they are twice as long and not fun to drive. But Carson was being a good boy, so we obliged. They problem with them is that Carson cannot sit still. He has to be swinging from the bar or hanging out the side, just being MY son. I am always telling him to get back in before he hits someone or falls out. It was not very busy, but I am trying to break his bad habit. We started down the card isle, and sure enough he is hanging out the side of the buggy. There were some people coming so I told him to get back inside the cart, which he did, but immediately stuck his head back out to which I did not have time to react and he hit is head hard on a pillar in the middle of the isle. H..I..L..A..R..I..O..U..S..!!! They all started cracking up and he started to cry saying I wanna go home, dad, let's go home. So funny. Well it didn't stop him for long. As soon as I got him calmed down, he started right back doing his thing. Crazy kid!!!


Alice Wills Gold said...

I can just see you cracking up at Carson as he was trying to be all tough....making me laugh so hard.

i hate those buggies...I never let my kids get one of those anymore...not just because they are too big, but because they are not condusive at all for keeping the little buggers still.

I used to go to Kroger's on purpose because they had the car buggies and the kids would stay confined in them a lot better.