Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Giving Gifts...

Ok, so today is our 4th anniversary and I am the worst gift giver ever. The best gift I think I have ever given to Meagan was a girt certificate for an hour massage one Christmas. As of now, I stink at giving gifts. Alice one time a while ago gave me some advice about giving gifts. She told me to pay attention because throughout the year, my wife will say, "oh that's cute, or I really like that," or something to that nature. Well my only concern is that I can't remember a whole years worth of comments in passing by. So I came up with a brilliant idea, well more like stole a brilliant idea. I was watching a rerun of Friends the other night, and it was Rachel's birthday. She had made a list of gifts that she had seen and would like. All her friends and family had to do was stick to the list. At first I thought, that is a bit rude writing down what gifts you want and then getting all disappointed when someone got something else other than what is on the list. But after trying to figure out what to Meg for out Anniversary, I decided that is the best idea ever. That way I don't have to try and remember what she said she liked, and if her list is big enough, it will be a suprise no matter what I get her. Sheer Genius. So to all the women out there who have ever been disappointed by a present from their hubbies or boyfriends or anyone, just make a list throughout the year and everything will be okay. Just remember to keep a copy cause you know we will lose a few of them. Then in case of panic, all the guy has to do is run down the list on the way home from work, or in my case anytime throughout the day, and pick something off it.


Alice Wills Gold said...

You are very welcome for the sound advice THAT You are not using...surprise surprise.

If it makes you feel any better, we do the list thing too. Just once in a while LG really does pay attention and surprises me. It's awesome!

Don't worry he has a few years on you.

And, PS no one expects a Gold man to be good at giving gifts...not your strong point.

Alice Faye said...

I have gone one step furhter. I buy my gifts and tell Dad what he got me. We are both happy. I guess you can do that when you have been married 34 years. He still surprises me each year with something though so I don't do ALL my shopping.

Anonymous said...

I think, or at least hope, my hubby keeps a running list in his blackberry. I be sure to tell him more than once.

He does sometimes take everything literally sometimes. One year I told him we should start bowling, just in passing (big mistake), and I got the ball, shoes, and even a bag for Christmas. He was so excited. Yeah.. it all went back. We know you try. :)

I am more specific now. LOL