Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Negative reenforcement...

I have been following this years election and it has got me thinking about our country. Now don't get me wrong, I love this country, but the people that we are choosing to run it are complete idiots. I wonder if every child in this country over the next few years went completely stupid, and failed every grade, will the education department get a 700 billion bailout because they FAILED at their jobs. If every building in the country burns to the ground, can the firefighters get 700 bil too? What if the crime rate in the country skyrocketed to 100% because the cops are failing at their jobs, can they have virtually unlimited funds to throw away? I would think not because all of these people are giving in their lives. They care about others more than themselves. That is why they would take on a thankless job to serve thier communities. In this country you have to be a self indulged multi-millionaire in order to get money like that from the Government.

Maybe I don't understand every little aspect that goes along with this plan. But as far as I can see, we have spent the last eight years getting ourselves into a trillion dollar deficiet, (thanks to history's worst congress and president) and congress just doubled that in one week. I know all the analysist say, "it's not throwing money away, it's an investment!!" But still to me, I look and see my taxes, my kids taxes and probably my grandkids taxes going towards investing a bunch of failed businessmen out of the crapper. If I am seeing this the wrong way, please someone that understands it better, explain it to me. Why, of all the times to get along, do the president and congress agree on such a stupid plan. All they have ever done over the last eight years, is vote each other down. It's just plain craziness!!!

Now about our presidential nominees...I wish they would just shut up. All these guys do, and it's because history has taught them this, is belittle each other. The other guy did your wrong, I did this, you did this...I don't think so, because I did that, and you did the other thing that everyone hates!!! It is just back and forth, he voted this and he voted that, and no he didn't and yes he did, and she is a woman, and I am black, and I was a POW and he has bad hair. There I said it all, now just let it go, and tell me what your stands are on all the issues. I don't care what you think he thinks because if I want to know what he thinks, I will find out from him, not you!!! I am tempted to vote for the independent, even though it is a throwaway vote. I'll bet, if one of these years, the nominee wouldn't mudsling, and just state his platform, it would usher in the second coming.


Alice Faye said...

I'm not enjoying this election very much either. As a matter of fact, I won't even watch the debates. There is so much I don't understand but their words are just empty words to me. However, we have to vote and we have to support our country. It's still the best even though our morals have declined a great deal over the years. I think we will definately be voting for the lesser of the two evils this year. I'm just trying to get more in tune with the spirit to be led by it more than anyone else, especially mud slinging presidential canidates.

Wendy said...

Hello Jordan, I linked you from Alice.

Can I just say AMEN to your post. I think most of us feel this way, but who is listening to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, nobody!!!!

Keep on posting, and if you dont mind, I will link you to my blog.

Have a great week, or actually, almost weekend.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Wow Jordan that is two links in one week...I think you may have surpassed Megan's blogging you just have to give away something FREE :)

Meg said...

So all I have to say is it's not throwing money away, it's an investment??!! Think of the clothes, toys, STUFF I could have...I am going to use that on you from now on. HAHA.

Rita said...

Hi Jordan -- found you thanks to Alice! (is she charging you a fee for sending readers your way????) ;)

I feel like voting is pretty much ALWAYS choosing the lesser of two evils. I hate listening to the candidates bash each other. I hate listening to the media. I hate the "celebrity" endorsements.

Things sure do seem like a mess right now. That's when it's good to have faith in God.

Enjoy your blogging adventure!

crashomatic said...

Jordan -

I posted in response to your post.