Monday, December 13, 2010

The worse part of being a parent...

Sometimes, it's sweet to have kids get in bed with you
Other times, I'd rather just sleep
On that real rare occasion that it's a messy event
Well you can guess my feelings on that...

We've been battling the Doctor the last few weeks.
I say battling because I do not enjoy taking the kids.
It's a guaranteed hour wait, and that's if you already had an appointment.
Callie has had bronchitis, and Carson double ear infections.

Then there was some kind of stomach bug going around.
Carson got it first, and let us know about it around 4:30 am on Friday.
It wasn't that bad because he almost made it to the bathroom,
Well he was on his way.

Of course that woke up Callie and so it was Cartoon time for the Gold Children.
Meagan had to work, so I let her sleep and I cleaned up the mess and got up with the kids.
Saturday no one was sick, but they decided that 4:30 was a fun time to be up.
More cartoons, less sleeping.

Sunday was the big day.
We were home late on Saturday so the kids were put straight to bed.
Carson woke up just enough to ask me to leave the door open.
I can't decide if I'm glad or not of that.
Callie woke around 1 am and crawled into bed with us.

She tossed and turned and couldn't get back to sleep.
It was one of those not so sweet times.
Luckily I had not fallen back to sleep.
I had noticed that she was kind of warm and was just about to get up and get some Tylenol

About to just don't cut it.
My alarm clock doesn't beep or ring
It goes BLAAAAH............splash.
Definitely not so sweet times.

Meagan's alarm clock says, MEAGAN! HELP! but it was too late.
Everything in that poor girls stomach now covered my blanket.
Not to mention my pillow, sheets and lots of me and her.
I still can't decide if leaving the door open was good or not.

So it was a midnight bath, sheet change and laundry.
Obviously someone wasn't going to church.
I drew the short straw so at 6:30, I got out of bed
and went to my early meetings.

Nana picked up Carson, thank goodness.
15 minutes into Sacrament, I had that feeling.
No, it wasn't the spirit, but it was coming from down in my gut.
An hour later I joined Meagan and Callie back in our newly sheeted bed.

All three of us lay in bed the rest of the afternoon.
Callie started feeling better and watched some Cartoons.
Did I mention Meagan wasn't feeling well either.
Carson never came home, he stayed with Nana.

By that night, it had passed through all of us.
We were better but not 100%.
I even managed to eat a little.
All Callie wanted were Cheetos.

The worse part of being a parent...
Watching your little sick kids and not being about to do anything about it.
The best part of yourself being sick...
I lost 5 lbs


Alice Wills Gold said...

LG and I were just reminiscing about the time we both had the flu.

I think I might have lost 5 lbs too.