Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Friday, How I Love/Loath thee...

My friend Jeff and I have been hanging out a lot lately. He won't admit to it, but we went to the Harry Potter Midnight showing. I'm a fan, he just loves movies and didn't have to work the next day.

We made our plans to hit up the sales on Friday. The plan was to go to Lowes and get some tools. I made the discovery that I could order my tools online the day before, not have to wait in line and just pick them up whenever I wanted to. Some of the stuff I wanted was not available so I ended up having to stand in line anyways. Our plans changed last minute when Jeff decided he wanted to go to Target, which opened at 4am.

3am...I pick up Jeff from his house
315...we pull up to Target and the line is wrapped around the store.
Jeff decides what he wanted wasn't all that important so we hit up Waffle House
330...We walk into a pretty crowded Waffle House. (should have been the first sign)
Put in our order as we notice the waitress and the cook are arguing off and on (second sign)
345...More arguing, escalating to yelling and swearing
We get our drinks(third and final sign)
More yelling, the cook finally walks out
346...Cook comes back because I guess he figured he didn't want to leave all the work to the other cook
More yelling and swearing
400...we get our food and eat in record time
Pay the bill and the entire strip club from down the street walks in (too bad I just tipped all my one dollar bills away)
415...we drive by Lowes and there is no on there so we decide to go to Target and see what we can get
450...We get everything we wanted, well Jeff did, all I wanted was tools, head to Lowes
500...get into Lowes, get all my tools, spend too much money
530...loaded up and heading home.
545...Drive by Best Buy, laugh at the idiots in line and go home to bed.
630...Home in Bed and Meagan wakes up to ask if I've left yet...silly women, I get my shopping eating and talking all done in record time, not all day long...

Good night..."daddy" well, never mind...


Meagan said...

Where is the part that says you wouldn't quit talking and woke me up on my ONE day to sleep in??! HEHEHE!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Impressive Jordan. Impressive.

Just so you know LG said that Harry Potter was not the kind of movie that a dude can ask his friends to accompany him to the midnight showing.

I think it is time for you to get out of the stay home mom gig. You're a softy.