Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sex talking at the doc...

Carson has been complaining about his head hurting the last few day. Then he started saying his cheek hurt. His theory was that his headache had fallen down to his cheek. Then Monday, he was crying about his ears hurting. That was the sign that required a call to the Dr.

I had to the pleasure to escort both our kids to the Dr's office. It's not as bad as I make it sound. Aside from the guaranteed 1 hour wait, it's refreshing to see that my kids aren't as bad as I think they are. Since it is a pediatric care, they have a few toys to play with. After finally going back to the second waiting room I had the pleasure to now entertain my kids with no toys for another 30 minutes until the doc comes in. During this ever joyful experience, my children never fail to explore the land we call an examination table. And it never fails that Carson finds the wonderful stirrups. This is how our conversation went...

Carson: What are these Dad?
Me: They are what the Dr uses to check
Carson:(climbing onto the table and placing his feet in them) Dad, check my legs.
Me: No, not like that, they are for Women.
Carson: Why
Me: (distracted by reading a book to Callie) Because of their private parts
Carson: You mean where they pee!?
(by the way, the walls are paper thin, and Carson has a hard time controlling his inside voice)
Me: Yes, it's so the Dr can check and make sure they are okay so they can have babies and other stuff.
Carson: What do you mean so they can have babies, where do they come from?
Me: (Crap) Carson, it's important that you understand this, but I don't think I want to tell you while we are sitting in the Dr's office when anyone can walk in on us and I am reading the little mermaid to Callie...
Carson: But Dad...
Me: No put the stirrups away, they aren't toys...


Alice Wills Gold said...


Carson is so awesome.

Just for future help. I always play the I spy game in the dr office to distract the kids. My mom did it with us and it works really really well.

Not one of my kids have ever even noticed those stirrups.

So funny.

Alice Faye said...

Now that I have wiped the tears away from laughing, what did the doc say about his headaches?

Lynnae said...

Oh my goodness! That's HILARIOUS!!

Is Carson ok?

jordan said...

Both of them are sick. Callie had a little of the Bronchitis lingering so they gave her another round of steroids. Carson had double ear infections. They were so severe that he had blood blisters in both ears. Both are on meds, so they are getting better. We kept him home from school just so he can rest up.