Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Watch your language daddy...

I don't use bad language, that is what I used to think until I had a three year old parrot. One day we were outside playing on the swing. We live down the street from a fire station and Carson loves seeing the trucks go by. As soon as he hears a siren he is heading for the door to see the firetruck. This day there just happen to be two firetrucks and about three cop cars go by. Needless to say it was a nice little procession of sirens and lights and Carson ate it up. As soon as they had all gone by, he runs up to me and says, "Holy Crap Dad, did you see all the policemen and firetrucks!?" I was shocked. I have been getting pretty good at understanding what he says but sometimes I have a little trouble getting what he says but on this occasion no problem at all. Since then we have been really listening to what he says because come to find out, that is not the only one he uses. Another day he picked up a stick and said, "Dad, this stick is freaking huge!!!" When he says these things, I know I shouldn't laugh, but it is just so hard. And because I laugh, he says it more. We have tried to teach him to say, Holy Mollie or Holy Hannah or something other than holy crap. I have really started watching myself and the things I say so that he won't repeat them. Could you imagine him being at church or something and saying, Holy Crap Dad, that was Freaking awesome!! Let's hope not.

The reason I wrote about this tonight even though I have posted a few already is because our little parrot was put to bed ad 9:15. At 9:30 he decided to get up and get a drink, pee, brush his teeth, anything he could think of to stay our of bed. When he was brushing his teeth I asked what he was doing out of bed and he said, "I need to brush my teeth so they don't get rotten and fall out." At 10:30 Meagan was going to sit down on the couch to feed Callie when she found the crumbs of a muffin Carson had eaten, not at the table like he was suppose to but while sitting on the couch. She says, "OOOH Carson, I am going to spank his little butt!!!" Then we hear, "what momma, why are you gonna spank my little butt?"

I love this kid!!! Finally he is asleep. That is his little Puppy.


sherry said...

That is so funny. TJ still to this day will say all the naughty words so clear. Now that he is in High School it is really scary. Jordan you have such a cute family.

Leah said...

Hey, Thanks for your comment. Evan will love to know he's not the only guy out there who is reading twilight. I love spending the time with him. It's great. I think every husband should read to their wifes. It's great bonding time. =)
talk with you later,

Alice Wills Gold said...

I love to just listen to the kiddos at this age...they are so so cute..especially when the repeat those naughty words!

Alice Faye said...

Why is it so funny when comments like that come out of a little kids mouth. We were driving home one time from chruch and I had a certain 3 year old nephew with me and out of the blue he said the S word. I was so shocked but at the same time I was cracking up. So funny!!