Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Haircuts all around...

Today was a day of haircuts. I have given up on trying to convince Carson that he needs his done and left it to Meagan. She is so much better at getting him to do things he does not want to, come to think of it, me too. She somehow convinced him that today was the day for a haircut and so it was. We all gathered in the bathroom and I was successful in the attempted buzz as you can see. Not too bad if you ask me but it did remind me of a time when I was not so good...
One day last year, I can't quite remember when, I attempted a haircut all by myself. That was a mistake. You see the way we are successful at this endeavor is that Meagan's job is to run distractions. She keeps his attention long enough for me to get a few good swipes in with the clippers, then we let him vacuum up the hair, and then go for a few more swipes. This process continues until it is good and buzzed. Well this one and only time I tried it alone and it did not come out so well. He was starting to throw a fit and shook his head and knocked the guard off the clippers all while they were still going, rather close to his head, and I took a huge chunk of hair out of the back of his head down to the skin. It was bad!!! So I did the only thing I could think of, and buzzed his whole head down as low as it would go. That is why from now on, I wait for Meg.

Meagan also got a haircut today. I like it a lot. She likes it because she can style it now and not just throw it back into a pony tail all the time. She looks hot!!!