Thursday, January 29, 2009

A funny way to wake up...

This whole stay at home stuff is tougher than I figured it would be. My biggest problem is I like to go back to sleep after the 7 am feeding of the baby. I should just stay up because I can get some much more done. It is bad a few levels. First off, Carson always wakes up before me. That is bad itself on a few levels because I don't know what he is getting for breakfast, he watches TV or plays games. It is not good, but I enjoy my sleep. Every morning though, he comes and jumps in bed with me trying to wake me up. Normally it is a full out body slam, his onto mine, yelling, or a good old fashioned face lick, and I do mean my entire face!!! Well this morning it was the normal attempts before he gave up to go potty. So I am thinking to myself this is good, I get a few more minutes. Then I hear him playing with money. To fully understand his love of money, read Meagan's post, the worth of a quarter. Then I hear him run into our room with this money jingling. I think, oh man, he is going to lose all this change and knowing him, it's quarters. Then he gets right up in my face with no pajamas on just underwear and starts dancing. And this change is going crazy!!! Then he informs me, "Dad, I got quarters in my underwear!!!" And starts shaking his booty even more. It was a pretty funny way to wake up.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons, we should always wash our hands after dealing with money--and never never put it in your mouth:)

Alice Faye said...

I like the anonymous comment. Who are you? You better start getting up with that boy. He could do bodily harm and his Grammy wouldn't be very happy.

Have you seen the Funniest Home Video segment where the little girl has frogs in her underware? She had about six of them in there. It's pretty funny.