Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Daddy Daughter Tennessee Trip...

For my Spring Break, Callie and I went to Tennessee to the original Gold Mine. I know what you are thinking, "after that last post Jordan, why on earth would you leave one of the most traveled to Spring Break Destinations, Panama City Beach, and head North to the Appalachian hills of Tennessee!?" Well, I'll tell you... Because I wanted to travel 500 miles with a potty training 2 year old by myself in an almost broken down car in the rain and snow for kicks and giggles. Oh, and to see Grammy and Papa Gold.

We also got to see Marta and Jo-el...

Callie loves to try on shoes of ALL sizes, especially ones that are a bit big for her.

We helped Papa build Grammy's new computer desk...

She kept us on target and made sure all parts were used. I tend to have leftovers...

We spent a nice day walking around Bays MT Park high above Kingsport

LeGrand tried to persuade the kids to go into "the cave" but Callie would have not part of that. Caroline did though.

We walked across the dam to see and enjoyed the beauty of the lake.

We hiked a little train just down from the dam that I had never been on before. Callie is not as adventurous as Caroline. You can see because she does not want to be on this rock and Caroline was having a great time.

Grammy and Papa with the girls on our hike.

Papa got a travel size ping pong net from Italy so we just had to try it out with a tournament. Of course the girls wanted their turn.

We were all looking up funny youtube videos and Papa thought it was funny that all three of us were on the computer at the same time.

Mom put the girls to work cleaning and scrubbing. I don't think she has ever had her house looking that good after grandkids have been there.

There's no denying Tennessee blood in those girls. I did dress her that day, she just altered it a bit.

Their favorite past time.

We had a wonderful time in Tennessee. It was probably the last time for a long time that Callie and Caroline will be able to spend some time together. Her family moved out to Utah shortly after this was taken. They had a good time and especially enjoyed being able to have Grammy and Papa all to themselves.


Yo Mamma said...

I would take a vacation to Kingsport any day of the week. It looks like you guys had fun. I especially loved the pic of your parent's kitchen. Silly, I know, but it's been so long since I have been there and I have such nostalgia for anyone and anything in Kingsport.

Alice Wills Gold said...

makes me sad and happy all at the same time. At least they can be roomies in college still.

Alice Faye said...

Thanks for posting these. I might not have my grandbabies close by but at least we have pictures to remind me of the good memories.

Alice Faye said...

Katie, you come to Kingpsport ANY TIME. You can be in my kitchen as much as you want. We will even set up a bed in there for you.

Duludes said...

It was fun to see the two of you. We miss Callie when are you guys coming back?