Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm the Dreamer, your the realist, that's why we work...

In our family, Meagan is the one that is grounded. She is the reason we are able to survive. When we got married, her dream car was a Jetta

This is Mine

A big Beautiful truck to go with my Big beautiful Farm
There is 1000 acres for sale around here...
I only need 40 of my closest friends to each give me $100,000

After we had a couple of kids, her practical car turned to this

Because she knew what we needed, not what we wanted.
We purchased a house,
(I can't find a picture of my house
and the camera is in our practical van at Meagan's job)

A cute 1400 sq ft house in town
The key was it was affordable
When the bank told me how much we were approved for,
we were very excited (upwards of $150,000)
then I asked what kind of payment we were looking at
and the excitement turned to, "there's no way we can afford that"

I guess they plan on you spending ALL your money on your house
and not power
or water
or food
or anything else...

In fact when I told her we were looking for a payment along the range of affordable,
The bank actually laughed at me
But we bought an affordable house and
have managed to keep it through a bad economy
and layoffs
and one income
what a concept.

Meg's dream house is this
4 bed
2 bath
1920 square feet
It's a nice little home, not much bigger than ours,
Out of our price range, but hopefully soon we could afford it
It's beautiful inside and has a nice manageable yard.

This is mine

2.2 million dollars
8600 square feet
6 bedroom
8.5 bath
swimming pool
Meagan looks and says, that's that much more to clean
(I can't keep my 14o0 clean.
Good thing I won't be a stay at home dad
by the time I buy this place)
and waterfront
for my boat

But in reality, I would be happy with this truck

To pull this boat

Or even this one

Because even then I'm still a dreamer
Meagan has grounded me
That's why I'm in school
instead of pursuing a movie career
or building giant Lego statues in Orlando

I realize I'll never have the million dollar house
or the yacht but maybe the king ranch truck
I can still dream can't I
Oh, and when I do retire, I will be in Legoland as a master builder
That's one dream I'll never give up!!


Yo Mamma said...

I'm the dreamer, and Noah is the practical one! I have to say I am grateful, though, because without him I would be who know's where!

Alice Faye said...

You can live anywhere as long as you have a mother-in-law apartment. Well, actually two of them. One for Kay and one for me. HA!!!

Eliza said...

Haha! This entry made me laugh so much that I had to how it to Kyle--it reminds me so much of us. :D Kyle keeps telling me "Well, when I make a lot of money we can buy a mansion and an island" and things like that. I just tell him "You make the money and we can buy it, but it the meantime don't exceed my budget."