Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sometimes I do my best thinking when I'm asleep. I dream a lot, but of course I never remember them the next day, at least after I have woken up a bit. Do you ever have those dreams when you want to go back to sleep because something really good or cool was happening? I have, but that hasn't been must of a possibility since I've had kids.

Callie likes to wake up at 5:30 every morning no matte
r what time we put her down, which means she takes a nap around 11 every day too. Those are my favorite moments during the day. I can try to make her take a nap but until she is ready, it ain't gonna happen. She has a very subtle way of letting me know when it's time to nap...She tells me to sit down in the rocking chair, then she turns off the lights and climbs aboard. I love rocking with my little girl, usually it's the best part of the day. By the picture can you tell the other subtle way? Yes, she usually strips down at least one article of clothing if not all of them. My kids love hanging out in their underwear but I don't know where they get that from...(as I look down and notice I'm in mine)

Soon I will graduate college and hopefully get a job so that we can get back to normal with Meagan staying home and me working. As I think about that coming day when I won't stay with Callie anymore it makes me to want to spend the more time in the chair and not put her in bed so I can study or do dishes or laundry or play on the computer. It's times like these that I really do think I will miss staying home. I won't however miss all the chores, but I will definitely do the ones I am assigned without any argument.


sherry said...

Jordan I am so glad that you see the positive. Cherish all the times you have.

Lynnae said...

Awww! These times go so fast, don't they?!